Technical Electrical Sales Representative Agency
Ontario Canada

What We Do

Highly experienced in electrical specification sales in the construction, industrial and electrical utility markets. Committed to professional service, integrity and continuous improvement. If we can answer any specific inquiries to our business model please contact us below or at our LinkedIn page.

Market Analysis

Experienced partners each with 20+ years in the Ontario Market, providing information about your business’s buyer persona, target audience, and customers, to determine how viable and successful your product or service can be.

TESRA Inc. believes in providing exceptional service and working hard to offer technical benefits and support, driving sales through successful partnerships. We strive to provide an audience to your customers, intelligence on wants and needs from products and services such as yours, and attentiveness to factors influencing their decisions to convert and buy.

Our Customers

Building strong professional relationships where we can provide a service is important to TESRA. We create demand, supply a service, and sell product with specification sales using our client’s products in a suitable and valuable way. Engineers, consultants, and architects are first point contacts to satisfy the requirement for specifying product usage. TESRA works with contractors offering installation support and technical knowledge to reduce install time and provide the end user with the best installation possible. Our distribution affiliates offer a significant valuable base of well-connected sales individuals offering stock, support, leads and partnership.

Our Partners

TESRA Inc. represents manufacturing market leaders in their respective fields. Representing top quality and 'customer first' manufacturers is what TESRA is about. We encourage you to download our line card and reach out to us with all your pricing, project, and technical design assistance needs.

Fast Support

TESRA understands today's market is demanding, and our mutual customer's ever-growing demand for immediate support is an important sales dynamic. We are proud of our team's response time and our mutual goals for growth and customer satisfaction. Contact us today, we look forward to working with our current partnerships and growing our client’s brands with professional service.

Our Team

TESRA Inc. has a team of experienced and knowledgeable technical people in the Electrical, Electronic and Mechanical fields.

Contact Us

TESRA Inc. appreciates your support and wants to hear from you.


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